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CaliberMind is a B2B Customer Data Platform that powers Revenue Marketers at mParticle, Fidelis Cybersecurity, Datavail and other mid-market enterprises, with the data, business intelligence, and automation they need to grow revenue faster, together with sales. The platform lets marketing and ops teams answer simple business questions and automate manual workflows with 1-click: Which marketing programs generate the most revenue? How is my marketing campaign performing? How fast are we driving revenue through the pipeline? How's our close rate trending over time? Unlike CRM reporting and expensive, general BI tools that take months to implement, run on bad/ partial data and require data analytics skills, CaliberMind can be implemented in one hour by marketing and ops managers. The platform has 10x faster time-to-insights at 10% of the cost of traditional IT/ BI solutions.

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FeedMob is a performance first, mobile advertising platform that specializes in honest, post-install KPI driven mobile advertising at scale. With global reach, we have spent tireless hours aggregating and vetting the best mobile advertising inventory available so you can have confidence your campaign will be effective from launch.

Provider of medical billing services intended to improve business efficiency and cash flow. The company's services includes IOD claim management facilitation, assistance in employer refund, annual assessment and more, enabling employers to get access to service providers who are willing to treat IOD patients and increase employee efficiency.

Mint enables creators to automatically mint social posts as non-fungible tokens. Creators can now mint their social content with Minti and post it to Instagram and Twitter, where all of their followers are.

Agathos helps hospitals optimize length of stay and utilization of resources by engaging physicians with real-time, individualized, and actionable feedback and care insights. Focusing on key clinical metrics, Agathos creates a new physician experience with data grounded in a “weighted attribution” methodology based on shared case ownership, user-centric design, clinically and statistically credible benchmarks and insights, and technology to facilitate problem-solving and collaborative patient care. To learn more on how physician engagement can drive better outcomes at your hospital, visit

ThrivePass is a new take on the typical corporate wellness program in the form of a Wellness Savings Account—a fully integrated solution to help companies manage their wellness stipends. When employers choose to offer a wellness stipend of any amount, ThrivePass grants employees access to over 200 vetted vendors ranging from local gyms and fitness facilities to yoga studios to acupuncturists. The platform not only broadens employee’s choice, but also provides management with spending oversight, and the ability to track engagement, user preferences, and health improvements. ThrivePass yields turnkey implementation, ease of use, and administration, which streamlines HR activities. Our automation, and discounted wellness activity options, boost employee engagement in a healthier lifestyle, thereby helping companies to reduce healthcare costs and insurance premiums.

Visible Network Labs is a technology start-up, that provide professionals in the network way of working resources and tools to improve their outcomes.

Good Buy Gear is a developer of an online marketplace used to extend the life of the baby and kids' gear and make the lives of parents a little easier. Its platform uses product photos, descriptions, recommends pricing, and promotes kids' items in order to sell products quickly, enabling customers to enjoy a safe and easy shopping experience with curated product collections. Good Buy Gear was co-founded by Kristin Langenfeld and Jessica Crothers in 2016 and is headquartered in Arvada, Colorado.

Cloud Campaign is the easiest way for agencies to manage multiple brands on social media at scale. Simplified scheduling, in-depth analytics, 1-click client reports, team workspaces, and many other features make the product the perfect solution for marketing agencies that are serious about results. The company was founded in 2017 and based in San Francisco, California.

Nymbl Science training helps maintain and improve balance for a better quality of life, at every age. The company's mission is to use medical science and mobile technology to improve balance and prevent falls. Nymbl is a scientifically validated digital balance training program that will prevent 1 million falls. It’s an effective and engaging way to train the brain and body to work together, using just a smartphone and in only 10 minutes a day, allowing older adults to preserve and enhance their freedom and enjoyment of life.