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ThrivePass is a wellness savings account that specialises in Corporate Wellness Program Management.
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FeedMob is a mobile ad platform that specializes in honest, post-install KPI driven mobile advertising at scale.
Visible Network Labs is a social enterprise composed of network scientists, evaluators, technologists & communicators using the PARTNER Platform and Methodology (www. We are committed to helping the world build better, more effective cross-sector, collaborative networks. Inter-organizational Networks are becoming more and more critical way to work in the public and nonprofit sector. Joining with other organizations to share knowledge and resources and coordinate our efforts leads to greater impact and efficiency. However, many networks fail - one study suggests 3 out of 4 cross-sector networks fail to move the needle at all. We help network build a data-driven strategy that guides their collaboration towards greater success and impact.
CaliberMind is leading B2B Customer Data Platform for Revenue Marketers, bringing together data analytics, attribution, and smart workflow automation. CaliberMind empowers marketing and sales teams to grow revenue faster, together.
Provider of medical billing services intended to improve business efficiency and cash flow. The company's services includes IOD claim management facilitation, assistance in employer refund, annual assessment and more, enabling employers to get access to service providers who are willing to treat IOD patients and increase employee efficiency.
Auto-mint social posts as non-fungible tokens
Agathos was founded on the vision of making valuable care obvious and normal. A first-of-its-kind transparency platform, created by physicians for physicians, Agathos offers superior feedback on practice variation and scales the “last mile” of physician engagement through action-level peer comparisons, timely case examples, and a gamified mobile experience that builds physician trust and behavior change with time and use. We partner with health systems—maximizing the benefits of prior technology investments—to empower physicians toward ever-higher quality, cost stewardship, and organizational alignment.
Good Buy Gear helps solve the frustration with waste, clutter and the never-ending costs associated with raising children. We’re building a community of Good Buy Gear Wingmoms to guide parents through the ages and stages of must-have childhood gear. Together, we help save time for the more important things in life.
Cloud Campaign is the easiest way for agencies to manage multiple brands on social media at scale. Simplified scheduling, in-depth analytics, 1-click client reports, team workspaces, and many other features make the product the perfect solution for marketing agencies that are serious about results.
Nymbl Science training helps maintain and improve balance for a better quality of life, at every age. The company's mission is to use medical science and mobile technology to improve balance and prevent falls. Nymbl is a scientifically validated digital balance training program that will prevent 1 million falls. It’s an effective and engagingway to train the brain and body to work together, using just a smartphone and in only 10 minutes a day, allowing older adults to preserve and enhance their freedom and enjoyment of life.